• The Ethereum network has successfully completed the second testnet, i.e., the Sepolia testnet, in preparation for the upcoming Shanghai upgrade.
• This upgrade will enable validators to withdraw their stake from the Beacon Chain back to the execution layer.
• The third and final testnet is scheduled just before Shanghai goes live on the mainnet.

The Ethereum Network Prepares for Shanghai Upgrade

Sepolia Testnet Processes st-ETH Withdrawals

The Sepolia testnet was successfully triggered and finalized which allowed it to process staked ETH withdrawals, bringing that much-awaited Shanghai upgrade one step closer. This upgrade would mark a full transition to a proof-of-stake mechanism, enabling validators to withdraw their stake from the Beacon Chain back to the execution layer. New functionality was also introduced to both layers of consensus and executions with this update as revealed in a blog post announcement by developers on February 21.

Testing Till Now

Testnets are set up so that new upgrades can be tested out on a private network that mimics the mainnet before updating it, allowing any bugs or errors caught in this low-stakes environment to be fixed first. One round of testing has been conducted for this upcoming Shanghai upgrade with no major issues reported, while another one is scheduled for later this month on Sepolia testnet which was only accessible by core developers of Ethereum. The first shadow fork of mainnet has also been released by them.

Upcoming Schedule Affected

The Shanghai/Capella upgrade, referred as ‚Shapella‘ is planned to be implemented on Sepolia testnet come 28th of February 2021 and hopes are high that this will bring positive effects on native crypto – ETH. The third and last testnet Goerli is expected right before main deployment of Shanghai which could possibly have reduced duration than previous ones due to three week gap between Zheijiang and Sepolia testsnets previously observed.


The Ethereum network continues its preparations for its long awaited transition into a fully functional proof-of-stake mechanism with successfull completion of 2nd test net – Sepolia sustaining staked eth withdrawals awaiting 3rd & final (Goerli)test net prior deploying onto main net – Shanghai/Capella update (aka ‚Shapella‘) scheduled for 28th Feb 2021 expecting better results than previous testsnets & showing positive signs towards native crypto – ETH

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