Review: Is Crowd Millionaire Scam?

Do you have reason to worry when trading with this program? Our review will serve as an informative guideline, don’t make a trade using Crowd Millionaire before reading this review.

With new scams popping up online each day, we’ve assumed the obligation of evaluating websites, products, stores e.t.c so as to prevent the consumer from making a mistake.

Crowd Millionaire

What You Should Know About Crowd Millionaire

The website claims to be as a „Smart Investing System“ & promises to provide its users with a quick and efficient method to make money. According to them, the path to making money are easy: Register, make an account with the broker recommended and define the trading parameters.

But, there’s more that meets our eye. In our research we discovered several inconsistencies in the platform. Below, we’ve set aside time to discuss the reasons behind why this Crowd Millionaire automated program isn’t worthy of your effort and time.

Reasons Why The CrowdMillionaire Sucks!

Don’t fall for the reviews on Here are the reasons CrowdMillionaire is nothing more than an elaborately disguised scam.

Affiliated With Binary Options Broker

Crowd Millionaire claims to be an automated software. Crowd Millionaire claims it is an automated system, but the only thing it doesn’t say is that it’s an associate of the company it suggests. We discovered that it’s a binary option broker, we were concerned.

With a binary options broker, you do not actually invest anything. You simply make „bets“ on whether you think something’s value will increase or decrease within a short time (usually less than 60 minutes).

The reason for this is because the binary broker will only earn the money when you lose because if you win they must pay for the winnings from their pockets.

Fake Trading App makes you believe that there is an automated software that earns you thousands of dollars daily.

After you have paid the minimum amount, which is $250, you will be access to Crowd Millionaire „app“ as stated – however, the application itself is a complete ripoff.

The app was designed to convince you that you’re making money from your trades even when you’re actually losing. It does this in order to motivate users to deposit more money in order to receive additional profits from the broker.

It is possible that you end up paying more than you anticipated before you discover that everything is in fact a fraud.


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Fake Testimonials

This is where shot itself in the legs (I kid you not!). This broker has also provided some reviews from customers who claim to be satisfied. However, they’re all fake!

The photos of happy customers were all taken from the internet. Actually, the woman „Sandra G“ is actually an Indian woman who was once on the Forbes the top 80 most successful women list. It is Neha Narkhede, it isn’t Sandra G.

Want to know more? Just click right-click on the image and select „Search Google for Images“.

Is Crowd Millionaire Legit?

The answer to this question is a capital NO. is no doubt a scam trading platform. It’s all an attempt to lure you into signing up for an untrustworthy binary option company.

We’ve seen scams like this have been used countless times. We don’t recommend this software for trading since your money is not secure when you use these software.

Our Recommendation For You

There are many online investment opportunities that can bring you cash and provide you a high return on investment. We’ve done the investigate legitimate investment platforms to help your benefit.